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Department of Public Health Dentistry, School of Dental Sciences is celebrating No Tobacco Day on 31’st May, 2019 @ entertainment City
May 31 all-day

On 31st May every year, we observe the World No Tobacco Day. We are all aware of the harmful effects of consuming tobacco but still many of us carry out this bad habit. A country where most of its population is lost due to the consumption of tobacco needs to rise from this slumber and get this scenario rectified.

The scenario is alarming and it is high time that we save those who are getting themselves into the pitfall created by the excessive use of tobacco.

So, with this thought the Department of Public Health Dentistry, Sharda University will once again take their leap of faith to motivate, spread awareness and convince the masses in the Delhi NCR region at Entertainment City (GIP and Garden Galleria), Noida.
                                                                         “Let’s Make India Smoke Free”


  • To draw attention towards the increase consumption of tobacco and related products among the youth.
  • To create public awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco.
  • Deleterious effects of Second Hand Exposure.

Details of the event:

Flash mob at Entertainment City, Noida depicting the unrestrained young blood of the youth towards the devastating and catastrophic effects of tobacco consumption on human mankind. We club together to raise our voices in our own Innovative way.


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Program Details:

Date:     31st May, 2019
Time:    2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Venue: Entertainment City, Noida