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Design competition – THE LOCKDOWN DESIGN CHALLENGE for SAP Students
May 5 @ 1:00 pm – Jun 15 @ 2:00 pm
School of Architecture and Planning and Department of Design have jointly taken up a great initiative to utilize the school’s design potentials and seeks to see this lockdown as an opportunity and hope. The departments have initiated a design competition – THE LOCKDOWN DESIGN CHALLENGE, Design from your home for your home.

Objectives of Event: 

Covid -19 has indefinitely got us locked up in our homes and has been challenging and has been very different for each one of us. Though it’s a big pause, yet it’s an opportunity for designers to observe their immediate surroundings in a way we have never done before and come up with innovative design solutions to make their homes more comfortable. All the outstanding designs, as finalized by the jury shall be incubated to be realized as a prototype and further have the designs registered through SHARDA UNIVERSITY with THE PATENT OFFICE, Government of India.



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International Dialog Series – My Research Journey so far… by: Chihiro Sato, organized by SAP on 2nd June 2020 @ ZOOM
Jun 2 @ 4:10 pm

School of Architecture and Planning is organizing  “International Dialog Series”  The First Dialog is “My Research Journey so far… Chihiro Sato” on 2nd June 2020.

Objectives of Event:

International Dialog Series

The aim is to bring design and Architecture students in dialogue with young professionals from across the globe. This will allow students to understand the wide range of possibilities ahead of them and with that, to envisage a dynamic future for themselves. All aspects, such as academic, research, professional, cultural, gender emerging fields, new skills and cross disciplinary possibilities will be discussed.

Zoom Meeting ID for Event: 85351283224

Convener Details:


Guest and Speaker: 

Chihiro Sato
Designer through visual communication and service design,  Chihiro gained the Master of Science degree in Design Research in Germany. While she worked more than ten years in the commercial design industry as an expert Graphic Designer, she has participated in the interdisciplinary neighborhood community developing projects and started exploring the role of design for social innovation. Currently, she joins at a social start-up in Berlin called Dycle which aims to bring a circular economy and sustainable impact.

Program Details:

Date: 2nd June 2020
Time: 4:10 pm