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Workshop on “E-Content Development through Smart Classes” @ Audi 005, Block 3, Sharda University.
Sep 21 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Internal Quality Assurance Cell is organizing a Workshop on “EContent Development through Smart Classes” in coordination with Impartus on 21st September 2019 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM.

You are requested to nominate at least 2 faculty members from each department from your School along with the HODs and timetable coordinator.
@IT Department is also requested to nominate 2 member for this workshop.
Objective of the Workshop for:

           Faculty Members:

  • System overview, use cases, and features
  • How to view the recorded or Live Lectures
  • How to add a topic for a lecture
  • How to edit (clip out) irrelevant portions from the recorded video
  • How to re-edit the previously edited video
  • How to upload a document/video to an existing lecture
  • How to create bookmarks and notes on a lecture
  • How to answer students queries
  • How to search for a particular video
  • How to see the usage of the system on various parameters
  • How to see other reports
  • Queries and their resolution
          Timetable coordinator: ( Lecture Planner & IT SPOC)
  • Details of the hardware, their connections and basic troubleshooting
  • Basic idea of how the whole system works
  • Dashboard items and how to interpret that
  • Master data maintenance of Departments, Batches, Courses, Subjects and Classrooms
  • Master data maintenance of Professors and Students
  • How to map and unmap students to courses
  • How to schedule a lecture for recording
  • Usage Analysis
  • How to fetch usage reports

Convener Details:

  • Prof R.M. Mehra, Coordinator SSR-NAAC, IQAC
  • Prof. Shushanta Kumar Mandal, Director IQAC
  • Prof. Mridul Dharwal
  • Prof. Manish Sharma
  • Prof. Suman Lata,
  • Prof. Shashank Mehra,
  • Prof. Dipti Parashar
  • Prof. Anupam Agrawal
  • Mr. Firoz Khan


  • Anshul Omar, Impartus