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Holistic Health and Self-Healing through Osteopathic Technique (HHH)

October 26, 2020 all-day Asia/Kolkata Timezone
Sharda university

TOPIC: Holistic Health and Self-Healing through Osteopathic Technique (HHH)

  1. Name of the event –Holistic Health and Self-Healing (HHH) through an osteopathic technique
  2. Date of the event – 26th October 2020
  3. Location of the event– SNSR, Sharda University

THEMEHolistic Health and Self Healing through Osteopathic Technique(Osteopathy Treat *Prevention is better than cure!*


Osteopathy takes a holistic, drug-free, whole-body approach to take the health of a person to its optimum level, by integrating the musculoskeletal, visceral (organs) system, and craniosacral (nervous system) together.

Osteopaths use a highly developed sense of touch called palpation to assess the problem, diagnose, and treat. Osteopathic manipulative techniques (OMT) helps in improving circulation and correct altered biomechanics to improve the function of the body and prevent further injury or illness.

Osteopathy strives to provide the optimum conditions for health by working with the body’s own healing mechanisms. An osteopathic physician does not concentrate only on the problem area but uses manual techniques to balance all the body systems and to provide overall good health and wellbeing.

this workshop will help in *speeding up the recovery process* by boosting the resources of inherent Health. (*it’s going to help big time for Those who have just recovered from corona or have mild symptoms* )

To Learnunlock & retune the vagus nerve

OBJECTIVE OF EVENT– *Prevention is better than cure!* 

  1. Uplifting the  Health and wellbeing*
  2. To get relief from pain& stiffness in the body, and stress& anxiety in the mind
  3. To bring Total Health, Body-mind balance, Stress, and anxiety-free Mind and to prevent any illness.
  4. To learn about the SELF-HEALING  techniques based on Osteopathy

Participants – SNSR Students and Faculty, Sharda University

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 Dr. RichaDattaSrivastava is one of the pioneer Osteopaths of India. After graduating with an MBBS degree, her strong belief in the natural ways of treatment brought her interest in a revolutionary field of medicine known as Osteopathy. She had pursued Masters in Osteopathy from Sri University, Cuttack, Odisha in the year 2015-2017. She is the founder and director of Osteopathy Treat ( under which she has served at different parts of North India namely Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kota, Agra, Bhilwara, Karnal, Allahabad. She has also been associated with CK Birla Hospitals, Jaipur as a visiting consultant in the department of Osteopathy since 2017, She has successfully given treatments to many elite personalities, doctors, sportsmen, and people from different strata of society and age groups, from babies, teenagers, youths, and the elderly. Her treatments are aimed to uplift health and prevent any disease in a holistic manner and to reduce the dependency on medicines.

She specializes in treatment for back pain, neck pain, hip & knee pain, sciatica, arthritis, cervical spondylitis, postural problems, digestive issues, diabetes, asthma & breathing issues, hormonal imbalances, PCOD, depression & anxiety, headaches & migraines, pediatric problems, chronic stress, stiffness & fatigues and so on.

Looking at the current scenario of Covid 19, where a strong and robust immune system and a healthy lifestyle is the utmost priority and the only way out to deal with it, she has designed.

Time: 11 am to 1 pm
Link for the webinar: Meeting ID:

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